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Posted By: r.padgett
28-Sep-12 - 07:29 AM
Thread Name: Barnsley folk club 50th year celebration
Subject: RE: Barnsley folk club 50th year celebration
Thanks Tig (the Donny Ingrams) have a great do yerselves!

Just listened to Sheff online folk with Dave Eyre, who managed to cover about 5 years of the 50 with Dave Burland and Robin Garside in reminiscences and song!

Plenty to go at then now Mr Eyre (he jested!)

But when you take the cream from the milk what are you left with he might answer!

No mention on the prog:

Foggy Dewo (Danny Clarke and Lenny Wesley)
Jim Potter
Derek and Dorothy Elliott (they were there!)
Audrey Galley
Betty Martin (nee Shaw)
and if course all the unaccompanied singers and Longsword team members who worked for a living, and contributed in very many ways and continue to make ascene and audience

Current Linda Harris, Sarah, John Platt, Dave Bottomley, Johnny Booker who was a very early supporter and knows how to enjoy himself and countless others!

I could get a bit annoyed, but tis too late! Good music nonetheless

More power to your elbow all of you Dave Eyre, Robin and Dave Burland