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30-Sep-12 - 03:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Fall Gardening Thread 2012...
Subject: RE: BS: Fall Gardening Thread 2012...
Bobert: "The beauty of dock is that once it is dug it's gone... It's not all that invasive as long as you get the tap root..."

That's what I'm hoping for! I did read that the leaves are high in nutrients, so onto the compost they go. The roots I'm putting out with the green wheelie bin in case they DO have the have Jesus like powers of resurrection popularly attributed to them.

PDQ: "Several members of the same genius are called sorrel and make a good salad herb. Some probably are medicinal, also."

Sorrel, oh my! Grew a small patch of that in my new kitchen garden plot by the back door. Tried it for the first time ever about a week ago. Brother, is that stuff TART! Like sucking on raw lemons :D And it loses none of it's sourness, even when cooked down to a pulp. I made the mistake of treating it like spinach and piled a whole bunch of it into the steamer. Couldn't eat it. I think it's going to have to be used a bit more judiciously in future, maybe a few young shredded leaves scattered through a salad. Or a little added TO other steamed greens for piquancy.