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Posted By: katlaughing
01-Oct-12 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Subject: RE: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Hi, SRS, I hope these threads will still be of interest! In my case of course it's been my own self-imposed sabbatical. I am just here to check in because I'm going to do a another two weeks.

Alex S, this is the BS section and therefore, need not have musical content. You will find all of the music threads " upstairs."

I think I missed most of September, but in the past 2 to 3 weeks we've done a good bit of cleaning up around the yard and inside the house. I finally got two shelves of knicknacks dusted and another one emptied and ready to be dusted. I also gave up on the 45-year-old tropical hibiscus plant which the new cat used as a potty tray the first week we had her. It's not dead yet, but I sent it over to my brother's house where he can give it more emergency TLC. I really hope it makes it as it goes back to our mother and father's last house where we all lived together. Quite a history with that plant.

Morgan has a month of third grade under his belt and is doing well. Two weeks ago he started enrichment classes after school so we don't see him but three mornings a week just before school and one day on weekends usually. I am delighted each of the mornings when he is here just before school, he always asks if we can go into the sanctum. Of course, we do. Incense and candles lit, we give thanks for the day and the way we would like for it to go. This has really helped him especially a couple of times: a bullying incident at school, addressed immediately by parents and teacher, and, once when he was upset at his parents. :-) It has also helped him when he misses their old dog, Dizzy. She was the old pit bull that we called "Nanny Dizzy" because she was a wonderful nanny. Old age caught up to her; she's been gone about three weeks now.

This past weekend he asked to use my voice recognition program to write some stories. He had so much fun, training the program for his voice, then spinning his tales direct from his brain to the screen in front of him. He would print them out then bring them to me and read them to me. He learned a valuable lesson, a test I use on all of my writing: does it sound good and makes sense when read out loud? It was a good lesson for him in self-editing, spelling, and punctuation etc.

I can't remember if I told this story. We took Morgan with us to visit my brother who showed Morgan his vegetable garden. When we came back to our house Morgan asked me about seed pods from my sweet pea and if he could plant some of them. I told him it really probably wouldn't work this time of year but he was welcome to try. So he went out by the big old tree in the backyard, out from under its shade, and very carefully raked out a beautiful rectangle of dirt. He raked it so carefully it was almost like one of those zen gardens with sand and boulders. He then planted some of the seed pods and very carefully watered them. I think they require a freeze before they to be fertile, but what great fun he had and what fun it was to watch him.

Well, I know there's a ton of stuff that I've forgotten to share, but I need to get going. I will be lurking a little bit, but mostly more of the same: rest, meditate, visualize, write, cry, yell, laugh and more of the same. It's all good, all positive requiring focused attention.

One more thing, according to the scales of the specialist I went to recently, I have officially lost 29 pounds since June! We are all happy about that!

See you all soon, luvyakat