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Posted By: Ferrara
15-Nov-00 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Wedding of Lili Marlene
Subject: Wedding of Lili Marlene
The Lili Marlene thread reminded me of this. My folks had a 78 rpm record of this thing. I do mean "thing" -- it is a tacky sentimental ballad with none of the class of the original. All the same, it's (mostly) in my memory and heart forever and I would love it if anyone could fill in the blanks. It went (mostly) like this:

There were tears in the crowded congregation,
There were hearts that had loved her all in vain,
'Twas goodbye to the sweetheart of a nation,
At the wedding of Lili Marlene.

? was there another part here? I think so???


As she knelt where the candle lights were gleaming,
It seemed the choir sang soft and low:
"Farewell, sweet angel of the lamplight,
"We'll always love you so."

Down the aisle came the bride in all her glory,
To the tune of her own sweet love refrain
'Twas the end of a very lovely story
At the wedding of Lili Marlene.

Interestingly, the more I typed, the more the words of the song came back to me. This may be all of it.

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