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Posted By: Charlie Baum
05-Oct-12 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I need the words to an Israeli song
Subject: ADD: BASHANA HABA'A has the Bashana Haba'a lyrics in English and Hebrew, including untransliterated Hebrew.

From a different source:



Bashana haba'a.
Neshev al hamirpeset
venispor tziporim nodedot.
Yeladim, bekhoufsha,
yesakhakhu tofeset
Beyn habayit, oulebeyn hasadot.

Od tire, od tire,
Kama tov yihye,
Bashana, bashana haba'a

Anavim adumim,
Yavshilu ad ha'erev
Veyugshu tzonenim lashulkhan.
Verukhot redumim,
Yis'u el em haderekh
Itonim yeshanim ve'anan.


Bashana haba'a.
Nifros kapot yadayim,
Yul ha'or hanigar halavan.

Anafa levana,
Tifros ba'or knafayim
Vehashemesh tizrakh betokhan.


Next year
We'll sit on the porch
And count migrating birds.
Children on vacation
Play catch
Between the house and fields.

You will yet see, you will yet see
How good it will be
Next year.

Red grapes
Will ripen till the evening
And will be served chilled to the table,
And languid winds
Will carry to the crossroads
Old newspapers and a cloud.


Next year
We will spread out our hands
Towards the radiant light.

A white heron,
Like a light, will spread her wings
And within them the sun will rise.