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Posted By: katlaughing
05-Oct-12 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Catspaw/Spaw in hospital -Home Again - 16-Oct-12
Subject: RE: Catspaw/Spaw in hospital - more info
Well done, CH!

This will be brief as my right hand is out of commission. I spoke to Spaw this morning. He sounded pretty good at first, but soon sounded very tired out. His cell phone and mine do not agree with one another; I have a difficult time catching all that he says, but after talking to him and Connie, here is what I know:

Things have been going wonky for the past month or so. His INR is up this week and his blood pressure was low yesterday. They are working at stabilizing him before they do a colonoscopy and/or upper GI to see if they can figure out why he needed transfusions.

I will post more as I hear from Connie and/or Karen. Just my opinion, but this is one time I think I'd soft-peddle the scatological stuff. I know it's one way we all deal with our concerns, but I think I can say on behalf of Pat that it kind of wears thin, sometimes. I mean no offence to anyone. As I said, just my opinion.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and energies and hugs. I know they are greatly appreciated by Pat, Karen, and the boys.