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16-Nov-00 - 05:18 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ta/ Mo Chleamhnas A Dhe/anamh
Subject: RE: Ta/ Mo Chleamhnas A Dhe/anamh: lyrics request
Ok, my good deed for the day. This translation is of the version in Ceolta Gael, edited by Sean Og & Manus O Baoill, published by Mercier Press.

Anyone who likes is welcome to correct me - with the proviso that they must remember that this is what is killing Irish: the fact that no Irish person dares to open his mouth to say a word in Irish without another Irish person immediately correcting his grammar and usage and humiliating him.


My match is being made, today and yesterday, and little do I like this woman for myself [well, if you really want literal, "it's little that yonder woman shines with me myself"]. But I will leave her behind me, and I will go by myself beneath the shelter of the branching woods.

Beneath the shelter of the woods she lives; her voice is sweeter than the cuckoo when it is calling; her [?] is brighter than the swan on the wave; she is a nice fair girl [well, it doesn't quite get the feeling, but that's literally what it means] and so I am in love with her.

Sleep to milking-time is preferable to me [big lazy lug that he is: she's not getting much of a match there, anyway]; a green bed of rushes to be beneath my side; a bottle of whiskey [holy god!] to be beneath my head; and my nice fair girl to be on hands for me.


This version doesn't have the customary walkabout - "shiubhal [or sometimes siubhal] mise thoir agus shiubhal mise thiar" which is common to many songs; what it means is (with varying geographies): "I walk[ed] east and I walk[ed] west; I walked Galway and the roads of Dublin; [can't remember the next line]; she is the [dark/fair/redheaded/misfortunate/beloved] woman who has left my heart torn."

And actually I was wrong, that verse is not in Casadh an tSugain, which actually is full of more theological musings about "if you are with me, be with me before all the world".