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Posted By: bill\sables
16-Nov-00 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: Help: Pace Egging?
Subject: RE: Help: Pace Egging?
When I was a kid in County Durham Northern England we used to dye eggs on Good Friday and called them Pace or Paste Eggs, We would place leaves like lupin or hawthorn on the eggs and then cover the whole egg with onion skins and tie a cloth around the whole thing to keep the skins in place while we boiled them for about 15 minutes. The great surprise was when we took off the cloths and skins to reveal a tan coloured egg with leaf shapes. Sometimes the dye would come out of the cloth to add other colours. When the eggs had cooled down we used to polish them with butter. My brother , who was a very good artist, would paint scenes of the Crucifixion or the Last Supper on hard boiled eggs. On Easter Sunday we would visit neighbors and receive similar decorated eggs from them and other kids would come to our house and get their eggs from my mother. Next day Easter Monday all the kids would take their eggs to a local slope and have egg races down the hill.
We also did what was called "jarping" this was when one of us would hold an egg point up and another kid would strike it hard with his egg trying to crack it without cracking his, If he did not crack your egg it was your turn to try and crack his. Of course once your egg was cracked you had to eat it. Some of the painted eggs my brother did were kept for years and I remember seeing some of them when I was in my early twenties still on display in the homes of neighbors.

Cheers Bill