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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
16-Nov-00 - 04:10 PM
Thread Name: WWII Memorial, finally!
Subject: RE: WWII Memorial, finally!
While being shot for cowardice in the face of the enemy is not an honorable thing, unless one was there feeling what those men were feeling and answering the primary need for survival we should not judge their situation. What I have read of the warfare in the trenches of WWI I can't say that I myself may not have made a hasty retreat to the rear! - that's the whole point.... men who were suffering from shell shock, who were medically unfit for duty due to neuroses and suchlike, were given summary courts martial and shot as cowards or deserters. These men were ill, and were forced to carry a gun, get out of a trench and walk across a shell riddled hell. There was one story that I read in a regimental war diary of a soldier, classed as medically unfit, sent back with the correct documents, only to be turned around at the hospital, charged with desertion and shot the next morning, before he had even seen a doctor.

Those are the people still waiting for recognition as soldiers, let alone a memorial.