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Posted By: GUEST,The History of Football (Hamish Imlach)
16-Oct-12 - 06:56 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: help find comic football rhymes/poetry
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: help find comic football rhymes/poetry
From my memory,

History of Football

From Ireland, there came a band, 100 years ago they said.
At a birthday feast, for the Chief McLeish, they were booked to play.
They wore green hats, green spats and green cloaks I think.
The thing they were not green on was the sharing of the drink.

The Chief McLeish he was pleased when he came to his seat.
For it was said his wife had baked a very special treat.
He wore blue plaid, blue braid, a blue kilt I suppose,
The only thing that was not blew he never blue his nose.

The guests gasped when at last the treat was finally brought.
On wooden plate, a steamin great Dumpling pippin hot.
Well he grabbed it, stabbed it, but the dumpling stayed in tacked
Till the chief McLeish none too pleased, give it a terrible crack.

Well the fiddler stopped the dumpling with an Irish roar of pain.
He yelled and swore, then once more, kicked it back again.
It went up and down the banquet hall, 80 wide a 100 lang
Kicked between the clan McLeish and the Irish Ceilidh band.

Their anger turned to laughter, when they saw this could be fun.
And their laughter turned to anger, when they say the wrong side won.
They still play this game today, but they changed the rules somehow.
With a 11 dumplings on each side, and they call it football now.