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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
22-Oct-12 - 09:21 AM
Thread Name: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Subject: RE: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Have decided pain in shoulder is skeletal and I need an alignment. Finding a decent chiropractor is on the list; just keeping asking people until I find the sort I want.

Spent the weekend at a craft show of horrors. I was "invited" at the last minute because someone cancelled. Sold very little but the folks at the booth next to me were worth the trip. A really nice couple with 6 or 7 year old daughter. I suspect we shall meet again on purpose. Without them, the weekend would have been a total loss. I was exhausted, drove back and forth - 180 miles of gas. R finally arrived just before closing on Sunday and got to meet my new friends and enjoyed them also. And carried all the boxes down the steps to the car! I came to the cabin for simple supper, hot bath and bed.

Working my way slowly through the boxes of papers, continuing the sorting and beginning to see the end of the tunnel. Huge clay order finally arrived. Six boxes damaged but not too serious, just bothersome. It will last me months! I was so disgusted on the weekend, if I had not just received this, I would just quit potting. I have to sell pots to pay for clay. It is discouraging. OK, have to apply for another LOCAL show.

The raccoons came to the front door on Saturday night while I was sleeping. R gave them pears. I suspect this was by way of saying "There's not enough food!" So he filled the food tube and left pears yesterday morning. No visitors last night! I gave R strict - we must NOT feed them anywhere but out at the cage! What if we move and the next tenants hate raccoons!