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Posted By: Bat Goddess
22-Oct-12 - 04:41 PM
Thread Name: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Subject: RE: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Tom had a noon doctor's appointment, so I didn't think I'd get much accomplished today.

The verdict there (after last week's blood tests and ultrasound) is, no, he's not retaining fluids. (Which would be a problem because of his congestive heart failure/replacement heart parts/vascular problems, etc. No. Evidently my cooking is making him fat. (Or his trying to make up for being starved when he was in rehab combined with me doing almost all the cooking since he broke his ankle -- for the first time in 32 years.) The fact he's developed a sweet tooth and insists on dessert most nights probably contributes, too.

Anyway, I HAD planned on making a couple loaves of banana nut bread, but that got put on the figurative back burner.

Instead I made soup today and I really hadn't intended to -- supper is going to be leftover spaghetti and meatballs. But, well, the chicken carcass needed to be stripped and then I needed to make some stock with the carcass. And, well, as long as I made the stock (and strained the chicken bones and bouquet garni out), I might as well chop up and add some carrots, celery, a couple medium hot peppers, garlic, potatoes, some shallots that needed to be used up, lots of onions... Oh, I also added some previously made and frozen chicken stock and a splash of leftover Guinness (can't hurt). After it's simmered enough to cook the veggies, I'll add the cooked chicken I stripped from that carcass and some rotini to cook. Somewhere along the line I'll scrunch up some frozen kale and add that. And a dribble of white truffle oil. Prolly dinner tomorrow night before it gets put into the freezer.