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Posted By: Jon W.
06-Aug-98 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: For Resonator Guitar Wizards
Subject: RE: For Resonator Guitar Wizards
The one I mentioned was sold by Lark in the Morning and I believe someone else wrote to say he thought it was probably the Johnson. They (Lark) sell two models, one a National style F-hole for $295, another the Dobro style for $285. Both are wood bodied. I have no idea what the quality is.

I was hanging around a drugstore waiting for a prescription last night, picked up a magazine called Guitar Buyer, and found a Samick Resonator guitar (the only resonator in the whole magazine). It was wood bodied, Dobro style (spider bridge, round soundholes with screens). The price was "to be announced."

I picked up a Regal in a music store a couple of years ago and promptly put it right back down. I was totally unimpressed by it. The neck had an actual kink in it where it joined the body. It seemed like a piece of junk to me and they wanted about $400 for it.

I still hold out hope that some day, some how, I'll get time to build myself a National style or two (one wood, one metal?) I'm building a kitchen table right now, how different could that be from a guitar(_^-^_)?