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Posted By: Bat Goddess
24-Oct-12 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Subject: RE: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Oh, Mary...sorry to hear about Lizzie.

Well, schlepped a bunch more cr...good stuff up to the road and found over half of what I left up there (accompanied by the FREE sign) is GONE! Yee hah!

Hope someone likes the two car loads I took up today. I also consolidated some stuff in the cellar to take up tomorrow. Not too much of a workout at a time. Not sure, exactly, HOW I'll get the table up there. First I have to move the storage boxes on top of it. Then get it out the cellar walk-out door (without letting Rufus escape). Then get it uphill around the house, to the driveway and into the back of the car.

Meanwhile, let's see what else I can find to take to Goodwill on Friday.