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Posted By: JohnInKansas
27-Oct-12 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Windows 8 - reviews of general release
Subject: RE: Tech: Windows 8 - reviews of general release
No experience, Joe, although I've read most of the reviews that have been touted in my newsletters.

Reports are that hardly any business users are likely to buy into Win8, and my own opinion is that it's unlikely they could pay me enough to induce me to bother with it.

Although they claim it's fully "two-faced" (they say it with a "straight face" that's apparently not one of the Win8 faces) so that you can use the "alternate mode" for desktops, the only "new features" described so far would have no possible use that I can see except on mini-portable machines a person with a sufficiently addictive personality might buy just to "keep up with everybody similarly afflicted."

It's absolutley imperative if you're considering Win8 to know that there are only two versions (basic and more expensive) for the "real one," but that "small machines" being offered by some OEMs have what Microsoft calls the "Windows RT" system but that some OEMs are advertising as Win8. This version(?) sounds like a ressurected Commodore 64 but with lots of flashing lights and "magic hand waves" instead of identifiable operating commands.

The only sort of "new" news is the official claim that Win8 will run anything Win7 would, although they're vague about whether "run" means in a normal way or in some crippled special mode, like Win7 ran "almost everything" WinXP did - - - not.

I'll watch for your decision, and continue reading anything that looks worth the effort, but I'm not likely to move toward Win8 until there's a lot more - and significantly different - info than what I've seen so far.

(But of course you know I'm still pissed at what they did to Office three generations ago, so I'm probably a "hostile witness.")