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Posted By: JohnInKansas
27-Oct-12 - 07:47 PM
Thread Name: Spotify is a pile of shite
Subject: RE: Spotify is a pile of shite
It's called "Social Networking."

Since Vista, and even more so with Win7, when you click HELP in any Microsoft programs, you get a "canned response" that never varies to relate to a search term you've entered before clicking, and recommends you go to the "community help" site and see if some idiot there can blather about something similar.

I was once able to find about 300 separate threads at Mickey's network all stating essentially the same problem. After picking the 80 threads where responses indicated some plausible intelligence (i.e. someone could type almost in sentences) I eliminated approximately 24% of the responses as "probably malicious" and capable of destroying the computer for anyone who tried to follow the "help" instructions given. Another 47% clearly had no idea what they were talking about. The rest appeared to be just passing time. NONE of the replies was in any way helpful.

A few posts were identified as coming from people(?) "at Microsoft" but there was no way to tell whether the comments came from one of the idiots who f***d up the OS to begin with, from some marketing twit who thought he had a good line, or were from somebody in the mail room who'd already misdelivered the daily quota of lost mail and had some free time.

Problem still not addressed by any credible(?) or identifiable Microsoft comments, about a year later. (I've even gone back to the Mickey sites a couple of times to look, although other places are more suggestive of at least "vague awareness.")

Updates have apparently added some local search capabilities in some Microsoft Help files, for a few trivial bits, so a few times (I think it's been at least three) clicking on Help actually returned something vaguely related to my query. Even then, it wasn't very helpful, but at least it was "sort of related."

I suspect you will see this kind of non-support increasingly common, at all kinds of sites.