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Posted By: JohnInKansas
28-Oct-12 - 02:18 AM
Thread Name: Spotify is a pile of shite
Subject: RE: Spotify is a pile of shite
Generally I use "exit"rather than "log-out" to maybe be slightly on the safer side

One of the common "exploits" used to take control of someone's business was to look for accounts that were left logged in when the user left. If the login is active, it's much easier for someone with malicious intent to pretend to be the regular user and go through "all of your stuff" and sometimes to post, pretending to be you, and/or to change your password so that they can get in but you can't.

At mudcat it doesn't matter all that much, since there's probably nothing very personal here unless you care if someone reads your PMs, and Spotify may be similar(?).

I've had a hard time convincing "her" that it is absolutely necessary to log off everytime she disconnects from her Facebook account; but I think she's convinced by now. (It might have been easier if I had a FB accout to act as a "good example" but I've never been all that good at keeping up a reputation.)

For some sites that you log into leaving yourself logged in is fairly harmless, but it's not really a good habit to get into for your general wandering about. I don't know enough about Spotify to suggest that staying logged in there could be questionable, but you can probably figure out for yourself how safe you feel in doing it that way. Just be aware that in some places it does matter.