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Posted By: GUEST,Uncle Jaque
17-Nov-00 - 10:36 PM
Thread Name: Ballotgate in Florida
Subject: RE: Ballotgate in Florida
If I had a lick of sense, I would sit down and shut up. But there is a piece of red silk in this family taken from the bloody fist of my G.G.GrandFather after the Battle of Cold Harbor (June 1864), where he fell bearing the Colors of a Country he loved... and the stains of his blood around the bullet holes in that ragged swatch of red stripe are still evident. So forgive me if I show a little passion about the fate of this Country which may at this moment teeter in the precarious balance of destiny. Were those poor disenfranchized Citizens you allude to turned away from the polling place because they were black, as is insinuated, or because they forgot who they were supposed to register as between the school bus or van and the Registrar's desk? Or did some voting official recognize the name they gave as someone they knew, who they knew to be of significantly different physical carachteristics, shall we say. Now if these people provided legitimate ID and were denied the right to vote, that's a horse of another hue altogether, and certainly warrants a competent and impartial looking into. I have heard of instances of incompetent officials failing to have registration records on hand at the polling place thereby obstructing legitimate voting; that is unconcionable no matter who is responsible or affected. I think we need to be really careful to distinguish between incompetence, human error, and intentional fraud whenever possible, and I'm ready to concede that a certain amount of all of that is probably distributed among most, if not all of the interests in play, here. It has been my general observation that Democracy, alas, falls far short of perfection as does (this is going to hurt a little; ready?) Socializim.
By the way, who was it who in 1863 signed the Emancipation Proclamation which changed the legal status of Americans of African/ "Black" lineage from "property" to members of the Human Race? (unfortunately, Citizenship and voting rights took a while.) What party was he affilliated with? Jeff Davis, who split a Union and ignited a war that ultimately left over 660,000 Americans rotting in early graves, muddy ocean bottoms or splattered unidentifiably over Battlefield and desolate wilderness rather that loose the chains of slavery; To which political party did he owe allegiance?. Who raised the "Stars and Bars" (Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag, frequently confused with the official colors of the Confederacy, which they never were) over the South Carolina State House as Governor some years ago, then more recently joined the hue and cry as a US Senator blaming the "hate mongering" Republicans and Conservatives for their insensistivity in allowing it to remain there. Clue: Earnest HOLLINGS. Hatemongering Republican? Sorry; better check your Congressonal Directory. Who had the Congressional majority and advocated for, then passed the Civil Rights Act? Take your time, I'll wait. Who makes the most noise about protecting the rights, dignity, and autonomy of ethnic minorities, then turns around and legislatively perpetuates a generations-old cycle of ignorance, apathy, poverty, dependancy and futility. Who has actually DONE something about it? Who cut slavery's iron chains, and then who has exchanged them for bars of "entitlements" and chains of enculturated dependancy. Keep 'em dumb, (great job, NEA) and they'll beleive what you tell 'em. Keep 'em dependant, and they'll vote for who you tell 'em to every time you round them up and herd them to the polls. I'm saddended and disapointed that 90% of one particular "minority" group" compliantly obeyed "Massah" and obediantly punched the "correct" hole. Apparantly the ballot printers didn't have much of a problem there. They seem to have been gathered back to the old plantation and are residing comfortably with ole Massa' Al. Now if you tolerant and inclusive, open minded progressives out there by now have judged me to be a racist bigot who needs to be promptly taken out and... (I'd say shot, but guns are "bad"; no doubt some creative alternatives abound).. you may find it curious that my vote in the primaries was for Ambassador Allan KEYES, whom I consider to be perhaps the most brilliant Constitutional scholar, articulate orator, and competent Statesmen in America today. You have seen a picture of him, havn't you?
Now as to the vicious, malevolent, underhanded, dastardly etc. Gov. BUSH (a 4-letter name, even!... Oh, yeah; G O R E... let's count that again!) "stealing" the election? What a shame! On the other hand, Bill DALEY, Son and understudy of late Chicago Mayor "King" DALEY, reputedly the undisputed master of "machine politics", current Campaign Manager for our illustrious Vice-Perpetrator.. now there's a true Patriotic American we can all look up to, admire, and trust impeccably to champion Truth, Justice, and the American way! A "Re-vote"? That would be entertaining, with all roads from NYC, Phily and Chicago jammed bumper-to bumper with bus and van loads of expatriate Florida Voters swarming in self-sacraficial pilgrimage to do their civic duty, all the way to Broward County. My how the chads would fly! They wouldn't even have to plug in the trusty ol' Vote-O-Matic! It just warms my heart thinking about it. Isn't America such a marvelously interesting place to live?