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Posted By: JohnInKansas
30-Oct-12 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: Spotify is a pile of shite
Subject: RE: Spotify is a pile of shite
Some good advice on confirming login information, but it should be noted that when you click on "forgot your password" a lot of sites will respond with an email that may or may not confirm your username for the site, but may assign a new, temporary password rather than telling you what your password was.

Sometimes they don't tell you that the new password is "temporary." It's probably best to assume that any PW they send you that doesn't look like something that might have been your old one is a temporary one.

When a "temporary password" is returned, you need to log on using that password and immediately "reset your password" to something you choose for yourself.

If the "temp" PW isn't reset within some arbitrarily chosen time that they choose (but they may not tell you how long you've got), some sites will return to your original password, and some just "go dead" until you do the "forgot password" thing again.

Some sites also may "lock" an account if someone using your username makes a certain number of login attempts that fail. This could happen if your username for the site is just similar to someone else's and they can't type very accurately, or if they forgot their username and "guessed" and hit on yours; or it could indicate that someone is attempting to "hack in." For most sites that do this, you will inexplicably not be able to log in as usual, and the "forgot password" button is the usual way for you to have the account turned back on and a new (usually temp) password given to you.

Both of the above are mainly used by sites that think your stuff may contain "personal information," but nothing prevents any site from using similar policies (usually without telling you much about their policies).