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Posted By: JohnInKansas
30-Oct-12 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: Spotify is a pile of shite
Subject: RE: Spotify is a pile of shite
For sites where it's optional for a band (they call them a "product") to be advertised, a distributor who can make the choice may choose to put "the product" only in a few places where they can "guess" it will get exposure of the kinds they want.

With the extreme emphasis on "targeted marketing" it's likely that Google or Bing et. al. of the "search engines" offer information on what people who go to a site look for, and/or on what sites people look for a particular "product." In some cases a few requests at a site for something not already there could trigger (inspire?) a distributor to "put something up" on a site that they hadn't already saturated.

The more general "tracking cookies" that allow tracking where you go on the 'net are used similarly, so:
a.) if you went to site x and
b.) if you looked for product y,
ads for (or in this case samples of) product y often begin to appear on site x (and everywhere else you go, sometimes).

For overkill, turn off you cookie blocker and search for what you want. Wait two or three days and search again (with the blocker on or off as you prefer), and you very likely will see significantly different results in enough cases to decide whether you need to leave more or fewer "tracks" on what you do.

Many Advertisers are really pretty easy to fool, although there are limits to just how completely stupid** you can get them to act.

** It's difficult to get good results from a written test given only to illiterates(?).