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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
30-Oct-12 - 08:32 PM
Thread Name: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Subject: RE: October Declutter & exercise~~~~ 2012
Had quite a time trying to deliver the tiny pot a young boy made at the fair in September. His Mom's directions in French and English, eluded me but got me close to the bank. I did banking and begged help from a staff person. She phoned the Mom and got directions which also escaped me but I was getting closer. Thinking I must be close, I parked and walked along the street searching. Finally asked a woman walking her bike. Our bi-lingual conversation was rather fun and she gave me very good directions. I admired her marvellous starfish brooch - without telling her how much I coveted it. I told her the star fish story and I think she understood. Neat lady.

I finally found the cafe and it was indeed a discovery - a delight.   OOPS! the owner's daughter had also made a pot. OK, it is on the shelf waiting to be fired because I forgot to put it in last time. I explained how terrible I have been feeling. Then had delicious pea soup and an incredible almond croissant for lunch. Wht most amazing assortment of interesting jams, spreads, vinagrettes and more and - oh my, you have room for a few pots! So she took half a dozen small bowls for the shelf. I bought dark chocolate/cranberry spread for toast or....

Took me over an hour to find this place which is about five or ten minutes away! But the banking got done and it was a successful adventure in the end.

Then I went to the country although it was after 1 pm. Thought R might be able to go down but no. It was gorgeous! I filled the feeder, started distiller, cleared the dish rack, had supper and came back to the city. Spent at least three hours driving today.

The LR feels better with yet another light in a dark corner and a sort of spot light under the plants. Now I need a different chair as I realize this one is contributing to pain in shoulder - big time. No chairs in today's trash but we collected a very nice cabinet. I took the 3 drawers to the country but the rest is in the truck. Decluttering also involves having places to put things.