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Posted By: Jim Dixon
31-Oct-12 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Champagne Charlie (from Edward Woodward)
Subject: Lyr Add: CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE (Blind Blake)
As sung by Blind Blake on "The Very Best of Blind Blake."

1. Went to see my true love; never been there before,
Her shoes an' stockin's in her han' an' her feet all over the floor.

CHORUS: Champagne Charlie is my name.
Champagne Charlie is my name.
Champagne Charlie is my name, by golly,
An' roguin' an' stealin' is my game.

2. I went down to Louisville an' I hain't been there before,
An' a great big bully knocked me down an' I betn't go back no more.

3. I went to see a young lady; I hain't been there before.
She feed me {out o' my boat big chalk} an' I ain't going back no more.

4. I got drunk last night an' all the night before,
An' I ain't gonna get—no more an' I ain't comin' back no—.

NOTES: "Charlie" approximately rhymes with "golly."
I think "betn't" might mean "better not" or "bet I won't."
{ …} I spelled these words phonetically; I have no idea what they really are.
Dashes in verse 4 represent pauses where Blake deliberately skips a word.
Leon Redbone's version is similar but he changes the words a bit and he is even less intelligible.