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Posted By: Arthur_itus
01-Nov-12 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Windows 8 - reviews of general release
Subject: RE: Tech: Windows 8 - reviews of general release
I think you only need intuitive, if you don't know what you are doing.

I turn most of the intuitive options off, as they are a pain in the arse.

I used to teach touch typist's all the shorcut keys in MS Office. One thing I always got feedback on, was that they were taught to use office by people in their own company that weren't touch typists and no idea of the shortcuts and always conviced them to use the most for all menu's etc etc. Needlkess to say, tehses ladies were very angry with the people who originally taught them and planned to go back to work and give them a right ole b*********.

However, I wonder just how many touch typists there are in work these days. My gut feeling is that companies have become used to allowing people more time to get documents created, becuase so many use the mouse and indeed most people only know that way.

I am always amazed at the number of people who think the most important thing when creating a letter or document is to concentrate on how nice a document looks, instead of typing the document first and then making it look good afterwards. The times I have seen people messing around for a day typing a document, when the boss needs a draft first so alterations can be made, before tarting it up.
I think it is the fear of giving a draft document for approval first. They want to show off. I always told anybody that worked for me, is that I want the document typed quickly and passed to me for a furst check, then make the necessary changes, then if required, tart it up.