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Posted By: reggie miles
01-Nov-12 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: Spotify is a pile of shite
Subject: RE: Spotify is a pile of shite
Had to wade through similar piles of nonsense via a few other sites. It reminded me of the auto phone answering services that many businesses employ. "Press one if you'd like to continue to speak to this machine in English... Press two if you'd like to flush our services down the toilet... You have pressed two... Is this correct?"

After months, or maybe it was years, of patiently waiting for MySpace to get their digital act together and make my site there functional, I recently canceled my account there. It took them about two weeks to manage to help me with that task. However, CD Baby, my online distributor for 3 of my past recordings, still maintains a skeletal site there on my behalf. That site is barely functional and impossible for me to update.

Since CD Baby was acquired by Discmakers, not much has gone right with that site either. The first thing that the geniuses at Discmakers did with CD Baby was to go about fixing what wasn't broken, in ways that removed any of the unique character and charm that it once possessed. The result of their attempts to make 'better', what was already an industry leader in digital sales, has diminished any hope that I might have had regarding that site as a viable tool for the success of my efforts. My sales have dwindled to near nil. Another one bites the dust.