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Posted By: Gene E
06-Aug-98 - 11:01 PM
Thread Name: For Resonator Guitar Wizards
Subject: RE: For Resonator Guitar Wizards
Howdy all reso-minded Mudcatters,

That Johnson brand name guitar is built in China and you can see the hamer dents in the metal body, Chorme is bad and quality is farily poor. I played one and think it was kind of thunky, not much resonatin' goin' on there I can tell ya.

There are lots of small manufacturers but most of them are expensive pretty much custom instruments. For a low end guitar, I like the Epiphone becasue it goes through Gibson Quality control in Nashville before distribution. In the mid-price range are the various Dobro models, wood and metal then on the top end are the Nationals. All the rest is just variations on the theme, some of them are darned fine pieces.

The key to it is if a $200.00 guitar sounds right to you, it's the right one . . buy it. On the other hand if you buy an expensive one because it's supposed to be good you could be dissapointed. OR you could have the mental disorder I have and just want 'em ALL!!!!