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07-Nov-12 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Wins!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Wins!!!
I didn't vote for Bush. I voted Libertarian those times. And I play more guitar than banjo. Banjo gives me a little variety.
=(:-( D)

so you wasted another opportunity?

I have voted for the third party in a presidential election... but since I knew that my vote wouldn't effect the "great actor" from getting the best role in his life, I used it to support taxpayer $ going to that third party.

we need to support sanity and moderation in the country... hate mongers should be relegated to trash heap of history... if we want to be respected and admired as a nation, we should behave as respectable human beings to others - both internally and externally.

the "Ugly American" needs to become extinct.