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Posted By: Bill D
08-Nov-12 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Election of the US President
Subject: RE: BS: Election of the US President
Remember that the electoral college system was set up in the 1790s. There were various reasons for the system, and many problems getting it adjusted:
(See long discussion here)

But it is also difficult to keep in mind just how distant and loosely organized the early states were in those days. It was days or weeks by horse to get voting results to Washington. It was just easier to vote by state and have a few 'electors' go for the final vote. The states in those early years really WERE pretty independent areas, and the idea of voting for president as a unit was not only awkward, but demographically almost unthinkable.
   Times change... but old habits change much slower.... as the discussion in my link shows.