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08-Nov-12 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Election of the US President
Subject: RE: BS: Election of the US President
a board game... sounds like the origins of chess or go....

and there is always someone who's looking to cheat...

the Super pacs thought to control the vote through the use of $$$ for character assasination in the media

and the Right thought to control the vote by trying to disenfranchise anyone they thought would vote against their agenda

and it would have worked if the voting public had been as apathetic as it was in previous years...

what prevented the Right from succeeding was the accumen of Axelrod and others to see that the winning strategy was to get out the vote... even that of those who wouldn't vote in their favor, because only by making as many a possible shareholders in the fate of the election could a party that is touted to be responsive to ALL Americans prove its point.

grass roots organizing by its nature has to understand the issues and the people it wants to engage. the only ones that the 1 percenters understand are other 1 percenters.

I'm a 99 percenter that grew up alongside recent immigrants and multi generational Americans. We also were the kids whose immediate families had just gone through the Great Depression and a World War. And we grew up in the Cold War. I cannot relate to the sense of entitlement held by the 1 percenters, anymore than I can relate to the blind bigotry of the Conservative Right. They are as un American as I can imagine. Ad the sooner they die out the better in my opinion.