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08-Nov-12 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Wins!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Wins!!!
The Greens are the only ones who make sense.
=(:-( ))

Another in a long line of simplistic one liners that convey no useful information or promote constructive dialog.

So who are the Greens, you may ask????

I stole this from Wikepedia:

The Green Party of the United States of America emphasizes environmentalism, non-hierarchical participatory democracy, social justice, respect for diversity, peace, and nonviolence. Their "Ten Key Values,"[1] which are described as non-authoritarian guiding principles, are as follows:

1.Grassroots democracy
2.Social justice and equal opportunity
3.Ecological wisdom
6.Community-based economics
7.Feminism and gender equality
8.Respect for diversity
9.Personal and global responsibility
10.Future focus and sustainability
The Green Party does not accept donations from corporations. Thus, the party's platforms and rhetoric critique any corporate influence and control over government, media, and American society at large.

I am sympathetic to their platform... but Ralph Nader's presidential run was unconscionable... he could have run for the senate and not done the damage that he did. Anyone see any improvement in the green cause in the 8 years of G W??? The direct opposite occurred. Way to go, guys. Put the federal government in the hands of big oil interests instead of the guy trying to fight global warming. Dimwits... or egomania on the part of Nader... or both.

Until the Green Party actually becomes a grassroots organization that appears on the local ballots in all the states, I have no use for them. They show up in the national elections... oh look at us, but where the hell are they the rest of the time? I see NOW out there working for justice and they work with system from top to bottom, but the Greens are invisible... unless it's a headline somewhere and then gone again.

I am a professional within the environmental field... I see plenty of effective organizations that have something to show at the end of the day. What I see from the Greens is less than impressive.

And if Mr. Krinkle thinks he is advancing their cause, he is as delusional as the Conservative Right. He is definitely as annoying.