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Posted By: Bat Goddess
08-Nov-12 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Got chicken stock simmering on the stove...for the freezer when it's done.

Just had a couple outside tasks to accomplish and found that the deck, while wet, is not slippery anymore. Got the snow off my windshield so it doesn't freeze there if the temperature goes below freezing tonight. (That also meant I got the brush/squeegee out of the boot and into its winter position on the floor of the backseat; sigh.)

Not sure I'm up to pulling out everything in the cubby in the bathroom, taking the little chest up to the FREE stuff at the road (not a good idea; it's raining), finding a place (or de-accessioning) everything in the drawers, and shutting off the cold water until either I need it or the friend who is going to take care of teh bathtub drip gets to it.

Think I might just go upstairs and read for awhile. I've read a bunch of post-election articles aloud to Tom and I think I crave something completely different.