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Posted By: Bat Goddess
09-Nov-12 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Finally! Got the third (last!) stuck drawer out of the little black chest. Got the awkward thing down the stairs (despite the back wanting to fall off). Will bring the third drawer down when I go up to get my watch, which I forgot to put on when I got dressed. Then I can get it into the back of the car and take it up to the FREE sign at the side of the road.

Also pulled off the two Sterilite drawers that were on top of that, cleaned the tops off, figured out they're stackable, and, I think, I have another empty one in the cellar.

Meanwhile I can clean out the cubby -- a basket of vitamins spilled when I extricated the chest.

Last week I discovered a cache of packages of labels, both stringed and stick on. After an announcement on Facebook and a small emailing, I got rid of them all...most (maybe all) to be picked up at The Press Room session tonight.

Now I can access the water shutoffs in the bathroom and turn off the cold water until I either need it or the drip (which is waaaaaay more than a drip) gets fixed.

Oh, I also went through and threw out a bunch of local free papers.