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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
19-Nov-00 - 04:40 AM
Thread Name: Songs that haunt you
Subject: RE: BS: Songs that haunt you
Ya had to go and mention that bloody Paper Lace thing didn't you.... now it'll be bloody Billy don't be a sodding hero all flaming day!!! I will make sure you burn in your own personal ZZ Topp hell for that!

I'm beng haunted by a hymn called 'Cradle O Lord in your arms everlasting' - as heard on Songs of Praise last week. It's haunted me ever since we learned it for the programme in October, and I wish I could remember more than the first line... it was written by a teacher, one of whose pupils was killed in a car crash (thread creep, today is Road Crash Sunday, when we are supposed to think of those killed and injured in road accidents.... jolly huh?) and it is a poignant song about the death not only of what the child was, but what they could have become.... and how God will cradle them and care for them now that they are no longer with their families.