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Posted By: Ron Davies
11-Nov-12 - 10:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Wins!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Wins!!!
Sarcasm?   Moi?

If you can't stand the heat....

After all, Michael, I made sure to say that when I talked about "querulous old biddies" I was not talking about you or Richard.

"nothing is really different".    You continue your record of almost perfect error.

The fact that the President will never run again actually frees him to do what he really thinks should be done without regard to re-election.   He will now be aiming for his own legacy.


1)    There will be a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff".    I don't claim to know the details--perhaps you do.

2)      There will be huge reform and a long-term solution to the   problem of illegal immigration.    This I can tell you about a bit.   

It will definitely include a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.    This will probably be at least actually 2 paths--an easy one for people under 30 and a harder one for those over 30.

Why will this happen?

Simple, for anybody who reads and thinks:    there are enough members of the GOP aware that the party is now on a one-way trip to political oblivion that Obama will be able to strip off sufficient votes to get it through.    Obama of course has a huge impetus to try to cement Hispanics in the Democratic coalition.   At this point they will expect--and get --action on illegal immigration.

Cynicism is always an easy, comfortable refuge--for those who don't read or think---but it is not always the right answer.