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Posted By: Bat Goddess
12-Nov-12 - 05:52 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Physically very tired...but it's a good tired.

Started pulling Christmas craft and decorating/household/architecture books off a shelf this morning and I'm de-accessioning most of them. There are projects I know I'm just never going to consider...and if I do, I can find out how online.

Then I did one of the more important things today -- finished rereading Donna Tartt's "The Secret History" so I can get rid of that book, too, a start on the next library sale in May.

Ran the dishes through, but didn't get the laundry done. (I might still get it downstairs...) Turned on the hot water in the bathroom so I could wash my hair and later in the afternoon, give Tom a sponge bath. He still doesn't feel steady enough to step into the tub and sit on the shower chair.

Thought I'd missed my window of opportunity to finish flower garden chores. Last week we had the first frost on the windshield, then snow the next day. The snow melted pretty much before the end of that day. The weather today is gorgeous and in the 60s, so I got a bit of tidying of the deck and holding bed.

I'd brought a small chive plant into the house to winter over, but Rufus decided it was not only delicious but a great toy. So I set it out on the deck so I'd tip it into the holding bed when I could. Then the soil in the pot didn't exactly freeze, but it stiffened considerably. Brought it back inside temporarily to thaw out. Today I got it safely into the holding bed along with the contents of another couple pots plus a full. Banked potting soil around them and raked up some insulating dry leaves. That all HAD to get done today as it's supposed to get progressively cooler as the week goes on.

Also got tarps over the woodpile. Didn't use any firewood last year and may not use much this year. Maybe I can talk a friend into trucking some of it over to another friend's place so she'll be more comfortable this winter.

Did some personal archiving work -- typed up "The Log of the Amiable Mrs. Polly", the 1967 MGB-GT my ex-husband and I owned in 1972. Added the information from the log to my calendar for 1972. Then I got sidetracked looking up the Leilani supper club (and motel and village) in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where, in 1972, my parents had their 25th wedding anniversary bash. Found several Tiki blogs and articles on building the Leilani in 1961 (and the lava sculpture by a local sculptor), and also its sale in 1983 and demolition in 1996.