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Posted By: GUEST,Blandiver
18-Nov-12 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: The re-Imagined Village
Subject: RE: The re-Imagined Village
Day after? I agree. Do they still have the Greggs Seconds Shop on Westgate Hill I wonder? All the day-old stuff ended up there at half-price. Great queues first thing in twe morning as I recall. I think it featured in Pravda under a headline bemoaning an impoverished north-east proletariat having queue for day-old bread... and cakes, pasties and pies.

Which reminds of the old joke (how your Tyneside dialect studies coming along?):

Geordie goes into Greggs, five minutes before closing. 'Whit can aa hev, pet?' he says, looking around the near-empty shelves.

'Whey - ye can hev a mince pie - or a meringue.'

'Nah,' says Geordie. 'Aa think yer reet. Aa'll hev the mince pie.'