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Posted By: GUEST,David Wrench.
19-Nov-12 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: Traditional Regional Christmas Carols
Subject: RE: Traditional Regional Christmas Carols
yes their are lots of people all over the UK actively seeking Community Intellectual Property in the form of local , traditional carols either from active singers , groups or from old private recordings.

i Am sure an over- arching organisation will arise to ensure the distribution, archiving and use of these fine local traditions....indeed a whole cultural 'industry' will arise to manifest these gems in locations they were neve r native the quirk of friendship/ economic interest.

long may they thrive....go and attend a pub carol night...the finest and greatest are packed with welcoming local people...I've been in a 'folk worthies' trip to South Yorkshire   from Cornwall. a number of years ago and it was incredible.

Don't fill a CD with these , book a B&B and go along.

then think about where you live....'Carols Arise!'...not a lot of time left?