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Posted By: Bat Goddess
24-Nov-12 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise - NOV````2012
Profitable morning so far...

De-accessioned a couple opal rings to a friend earlier in the week in exchange for the wherewithall to pay Tom's health insurance for the month. Got that safely into the credit union this morning and, on the way home, stopped at a neighbor's to drop off the egg cartons I've been accumulating. They raise laying hens; I'd LOVE to buy their eggs, but, alas, they're twice what I pay in the store. They're definitely worth every penny, but I don't have as many pennies as we used to, and even pennies count.

She also took a Krups coffee grinder that I think we used twice. (I think we have three other small grinders plus a blender...and an antique wall-mounted hand grinder that we need to sell.) And three medieval-looking St. Nick statuettes and a couple papier-mache deer. More cubic footage.

Then I stopped at my up-the-hill neighbor and she took some interesting clothes that I'll never wear again off my hands.

At the last minute on Thanksgiving morning I whipped up a small batch of a spreadable black peppercorn/garlic cheese and Jeri, Tom and I made inroads before the bird. Yesterday I bought a new container of whipped cream cheese. I may have room in the fridge for two containers, but not for THREE. So...combined the leftover spread with the rest of the cream cheese in the opened container, added some more butter and seasoning and, voila! More pepper cheese, fewer containers.

After I throw together some sort of lunch that doesn't involve Thanksgiving leftovers, I have to strip the turkey carcass. (Turkey tetrazzini for supper on Monday!)

Oh, I also beat my Christmas letter into submission so I can get the Christmas cards I wrote out a couple weeks ago (to far-flung and elderly relatives) stamped (both holiday rubberstamped -- I have an image to uphold -- and postage stamped) and ready to mail.

Then I'm going to goof off.