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Posted By: Rockhen
25-Nov-12 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Music creating 'French cafe' atmosphere
Subject: RE: Music creating 'French cafe' atmosphere
Thank you all! The evening went very well and I am slowly working through the suggestions above to add them to a new file of 'French' flavoured music that is growing slowly. It is lovely to have so many different songs and tunes suggested. Mudcat at its best!
I played accordion for a while at the start then alternated with piano while they served the meal.
I even managed a very stereotypical (apologies to France and the French) outfit by borrowing stripey jumper and black beret to add to things I had already. It was a great evening and the organisers seemed really happy with the music I did and I had a lot of nice comments and interested people asking about various aspects of playing live. Great to be able to have live music rather than just playing a few CDs. AND no one offered me money to STOP playing my accordion when I sauntered around the tables every now and then so it can't have been too intrusive. Accordion CAN be subtle :-)
Great fun! Thank you all! Helen x