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Posted By: CupOfTea
27-Nov-12 - 05:41 PM
Thread Name: Folky children's albums
Subject: RE: Folky children's albums
Oldie but goodie:
Peter Paul & Mommy by Peter, Paul & Mary

Barry Louis Polisar who made up some incredibly fun songs for kids to sing - I gave his albums as gifts when my niecelets were wee, back in the 1980s "You Can't say PFFFFT on the Radio" would raise the humidity in the room when they were singing it.

Cat Tales by Cindy Mangsen isn't strictly a kid's album, but the theme is sure to please a cat loving child.

John McCutcheon has two - Howdjado and can't remember the second - great singalongable stuff from a genuinely wonderful performer.

Farther afield from folk, but *I* loved as a kid was a recording of Peter & The Wolf. It's been so many years since I've seen that vinyl, that I don't remember either orchestra or narrator.

Along with folkymusic, perhaps consider some storytelling for kids? Dan Keding has some great albums - some with singing as part of the storytelling.

There are several folk musicians who've done lullaby albums. Priscilla Herdman comes to mind, and possibly Anne Hills. If lullabies would work, try searching it on Mudcat for some singer suggestions.

Consider if YOU have to listen to it repeatedly, that it's music you'd like, too! Very early childhood things like "Wee Sing" might drive you round the bend in large doses.

Bless you for thinking of this as a gift for a child - get 'em interested while they're young!

Joanne in Cleveland