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Posted By: ollaimh
01-Dec-12 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: President Romney? It Ain't Over Yet!!
Subject: RE: BS: President Romney? It Ain't Over Yet!!
yes i have dyslexia, as i have posted mamny times in rresponse to the personal attacks from bigited and ignorant people like kringle. i also did not grow up with english as my first language. but anglos rarely miss the opportunity to git dem damn ferners.

kringle takes swipes at canada as third world for instance. did anyone notice we haven't had an economic collapse in canada, nor did any of our backs fail--the big four are among the largest banks in thw world. when i go to the united states of free enterprise its starting to look third world in reality. but don't let a little common sense get in the way of a good slander kringle