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08-Aug-98 - 07:50 PM
Thread Name: For Resonator Guitar Wizards
Subject: RE: For Resonator Guitar Wizards
I think Hawaiian guitars are made to be played on your lap and hence don't have the right kind of neck to be hand-held. So-called square-necked resonators are cheaper here--at least second-hand ones.

As for Epiphones--from what I glean from this and other threads, they are made by the same factory that makes Samicks. However I bought a second-hand Epi that I like very much. While I was looking I did see a number of ones with defects that should make them factory seconds at best.

Does anyone know if the low-end Washburns are made by the Samick factory too? Either I saw a better sample, or they have better quality control than the Epis.