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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
04-Dec-12 - 08:53 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Exercise )()( December 2012
Subject: RE: Declutter & Exercise )()( December 2012
Tomorrow my #1 son is 53. Oh, the things I remember like it was yesterday. But I can still remember yesterday - if I work at it!

Made our veggie chili yesterday and it is almost gone already. Now black beans in slow cooker for soup/dip or I just put it on a bowl of broccoli - yum! I'll start another batch of chili tomorrow. It is so easy when R comes home at unusual times. Also did a big pot of stewed apples, another staple. I throw some, and some cranberries, in porridge or pancakes or on French toast or just plain apples.

I also de-cluttered by bank account - paying the bills.

Today I had to go renew my driver's license - new photo. Accidentally took two numbers so when an acquaintance came along, I gave him one. And arranged to go to his shop tomorrow to get the money he owes me for pots! While I had been waiting for my turn, I walked down the street - trash day - and found a gold coloured table cloth for the thrift shop, a loose leaf photo album with Renoir on front (needed) and two short wooden stands which can be used on table of pottery booth to hang the ornaments I have not yet made. And later, a clothes hamper - round metal frame could be an interesting stand for a vine sort of plant - like bougainvilla.

Then to the Market for a few things - large basket of "natural" apples - not certified organic but working on it, some cheeses, veggies and two of those wonderful choc/cranberry loaves - one into freezer. Did a tour of the market to see what else is there as I had not done that for a while. No surprises.

Arranged for a cord of stove wood for the cabin to be delivered Thursday. Planted 15 daffodil bulbs in this thaw. Today was "warm" and sunny! A couple above freezing days were nice but it is dropping again tomorrow. R came home for a quick supper and then rushed down to the sawmill to do a task needful before the freeze. Hope he gets home safely - over two hours driving plus however long the task should take. He came close to putting his eye out today, walked into a pipe, broke his glasses.

This FB stuff is taking too long and is like a drug. Maybe if I had more energy I would stop and do else. Still not quite right since last week's food episode.