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Posted By: gnu
05-Dec-12 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
Rap... "If you ARE attacked (unlikely), do as Kendall said and go for the eyes. Use a stick as a spear. Fight back, but note: this does not apply to bears!"

Sticks work well on bears if you only have a stick. Just don't go for the eyes... go for the mouth if you can, ie, if it's open.

There have been many threads in this forum with a lot of info and they are worth reading if you you think you may ever encounter a bear, yote, wolf, fox....

As for any wild animals owning any territory, I am of the opinion that I won't mess with them if they don't mess with me. Now, I respect their HOME territory and I KNOW there are places I just should not go into. And I don't do that. BUT, if I am there by mistake as when I explore new territory, I expect them to give me a break and I don't go back. If I am in "neutral" territory and they mess with me, they are dead. If they mess with me in my territory, I terminate them with extreme prejudice after appropriate warning(s).

Tree huggers who have never be amongst the trees or have never farmed are laughable to me. Hmmm... would be laughable if their ignorance wasn't so detrimental to folks that live off the land.