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Posted By: Rapparee
06-Dec-12 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
Oh, hell's bells! We have wolf, grizzly and black bear, mountain lion, fox, coyote, skunk, and God alone knows what else in these here hills. The worst I came across was a rattlesnake and I threw that (living) into the river I was fishing. Yeah, I sometimes carry a pistol into the brush (sage, among other types), but I haven't had to use it on an animal yet -- the four-legged types will leave you alone unless a) you do something really stupid, like try to pet one or, b) they're rabid or otherwise sick.

In the animal world I'm more concerned with wasps or a spider in the outhouse than I am about being attacked by a coyote, mountain lion, or wolf.

On the other hand, I am far more concerned about two legged types because they're DAMNED unpredictable.