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06-Dec-12 - 08:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
Hi, Pete. It's not as bad as it sounds. Threads of this nature bring out the stories--all true I don't doubt--but they are stories from people who have been where the various animals live. Don't interfere with their lives and they won't interfere with yours. Most of the tales involve people who have chanced upon one or more of the bigger creatures that would certainly dine on human should the opportunity present itself. I live in Canada (also the US for five years way back) and have spent about eight years total in what can be called wilderness territory. In that time, by a quick count, I have encountered two black bears, one cougar (it was making tracks to go elsewhere), a half dozen or so coyotes, three wolves, one bobcat and that's about all. I always wanted to see a lynx but they are very elusive. I heard a grizzly once and I got the heck out of there. They definitely make me nervous.

Sometimes I was carrying a gun, but not often. As a few people have mentioned, keep your wits about you, pay attention to what you're doing, store your food away from where you sleep and things will be good. It's when these creatures get used to people that problems occur. A natural fear/caution/respect is healthy for both parties.

I awoke one morning in Yosemite National Park (California) with bear tracks near my sleeping bag. The bears have become used to people and lost their fear of us. That's too bad. I've met people who proudly show snapshots of themselves approaching elk, sheep, deer and even one guy trying to get friendly with a moose. I call them lupids. They're a hybrid: LUcky to be showing the snapshots and stuPID for being in them.

I would opine that there are more dog attacks on people in North America than wild animal attacks. They are really quite rare given the numbers of people who venture into parks and some wild country. Often they are--as ollaimh alluded to--a little green and perhaps a bit to entranced by the 'oneness of all nature's creatures'. Wild animals are just that: wild. Don't get between them and where they've always gone and you'll be ok. They spend their lives looking for food. No point confusing them.