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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
08-Dec-12 - 04:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: New curricula in US schools?
Subject: RE: BS: New curricula in US schools?
The article in the Telegraph is typical of English tabloid inaccuracy.

It refers to "Common Core Standards" adopted in Pennsylvania "and other states."
The organization (website linked below) claims adoption by all but five states. I have a notion that the school bureaucrats in each state are kneading the "standard" to suit their own ideas.

The "standards require" 50 percent non-fiction in grade schools by 2014 and growing to 70 percent in grade 12.

Jami Reese, a teacher at Somersat High, calls the "standards" exciting. The "standards require science teachers to read from scientific journals, newspapers, essays, etc." as well as from textbooks. (Gee- Jimmy Falwell enters the classroom).

Sounds like something drempt (dreamed) up by educators who lack any knowledge of science.

Read all about this stuff here-
Standards designed to be "robust and relevant to the real world."
Just another cowplop pancake some educators are trying to sell. The idea will crater after a mess is made of pre-university teaching.

(Don't them gits with a degree in edjicashun make you puke?)