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08-Dec-12 - 05:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: New curricula in US schools?
Subject: RE: BS: New curricula in US schools?
> Who has privilege to decide which kind of literature is considered pop and which is high?

An all too familiar question.

Everybody has the privilege. If you're in a literature classroom, the teacher has the privilege because its his job. Until proven otherwise, it's reasonable to assume the teacher knows more about his subject than the student. The minute you're out, however, you can read and discuss whatever the hell you want.

Shakespeare, by the way, wrote for money. As did Jack London and most other famous literary names you could mention. (Emily Dickinson didn't want to. Jane Austen and Count Tolstoy didn't have to.)

"High" literature earned its reputation because enough readers found enough significance in it over a long enough time to make other people want to read it too. If you can find that kind of meaning in, say, "Forty Shades of Gray," go to it. No one will stop you. And maybe you can persuade others that it's really there.

But if you can't, I wouldn't advise writing a paper on it for a "literature" class.