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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Dec-12 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Subject: RE: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Who? The Germans? Or the Japanese?

If the Japanese had won their sphere of influence in East Asia and the Pacific, things here probably wouldn't be a lot different, except psychologically speaking (we wouldn't see ourselves as the ruling "cops of the world"). Also, the Japanese would probably still be fighting in central China...there's no way they'd ever have taken over all of it. There are just too many Chinese.

If the Germans had won in Europe? Well, it would have been a very nasty situation for Europe, that's for sure, an absolutely miserable situation for Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Leftists, and Communists, but I doubt that the Germans would ever have been capable of mounting a successful invasion of North America. Like all other empires in Europe, the Germans would have dominated the European scene for a while. They would have gotten into some more wars with other empires...such as North America and/or Japan. And history would have lurched on toward the next thing, as it always does. Power moves around from one place to another. Holland, Spain, Sweden, Italy (as Rome), Portugal, and France were all once great powers who temporarily dominated the European scene...either through war or through commerce.