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Posted By: Sandy Mc Lean
09-Dec-12 - 01:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Subject: RE: BS: Pearl Harbor Day / December 7
Yes Kendall, but British "Press Gangs" filled their naval ranks by forcing many others as well, into military service. Scotland was a favourite hunting ground for these bands of pirates of the crown! They believed that anyone born under sway of the Union Jack to be British citizens, and therefore fair game!
In my mind the military draft board of the USA acted no differently than the actions of the British press gangs during the Vietnam war. The USA tried to enforce its draft on dual citizens and legal residents in Canada during that time, often with help or indifference from the Canadian government of the day. On and on it goes as those create a demand for cannon fodder from our youth hide far beyond the line of fire!
Most wars are fought by heroes but planned by cowards!