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Posted By: pdq
09-Dec-12 - 10:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Coyote Problems?
Subject: RE: BS: Coyote Problems?
"Apparently I stand a better chance of being attacked by feral dogs.
They are the same species as the wolf. A pack killed an elderly couple near here.
=(:-( O)"

Well, they are considered that in today's classification scheme.

We must assume that DNA evidence has been responsible for the changes, but in reality, most taxonomists feel the need to change the status of something now and the just to prove they are relevant.

Rarely does a new worker in a field look at a group and say "everything looks right to me" and leave things alone.

I learned them as Canis domesticus (pet dogs), Canis latrans (coyote) and Canis lupus (wolf). Now the domestic dog is called Canis lupus familiaris, the same species as a wolf. Canis domesticus is not used anymore.